Kyo Itachi - Genkidama

Kyo Itachi

3xLP / Europe / 2017
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8 years after "Musikyo" and many projects with concept It is with pride that I present to you my 2nd producer album "Genkidama" in Triple Vinyl "Gatefold" (Limited Edition) + CD rare Tracks + Instrumental Sp1200 Chute+Stikers+Poster) + Digitale album download + Genkidama expension surprise) BONUS Pack Only for Pre Order _Exclusively produced with the Legendary Drum Machine EMU SP 1200 ! Featuring : Ruste Juxx /Bishop Lamont / Big Twins/ Conway/ Planet Asia/ Termanalogy/ Skyzoo/ Reks /Edo G / Planet Asia/ Shyheim / Krondon /Vast Aire (of Cannibal Ox)/ Supreme(of Representativz) /Steele (of Smiff N Wessun) /Shabaam Sahdeeq /Homeboy Sandman /C - Rayz Walz/ Rim Da Villins / Illa Noyz /Chris Spencer (Vic Spencer + Chris Crack) / Ran Reed / Innocent? / Realio Sparkzwell/ Berreta 9 (of Killarmy)/ Poison Pen/ Block Mccloud /Pressha Dinero /Vvs Verbal /Louie Skaggs /Dan Jah / Clever One (of Da Buze Bruvaz) /Vizar Rancarr (Skanks & Kyo) & Haile Ali,Madman (of F.O.D)/ Milez Grimez /Venomous 2000/One Click Bang / Mélanie Rutherford/ Sage Infinite/ Recognyze Ali/ Ill Conscious / Rigz /Mooch /Twistello /Phil Blount /The Committee Sounds /S.I.T.H. / M3 (of F.O.D)/ FKB$ /Squeegie Oblong/ El Ay /Sleep Sinatra/ - Scratchs by Venom,Dj Impact,Dj Audas,Dj End.k

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