05:21 - Without Warning

Without Warning

7" / Europe / 2020 / Hip Hop Be Bop Records
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Artikelnummer: HHBB-7-005

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05:21 are Koba Kane and T1 Vega. The group, managed by UK rap veteran and all round nice guy, Blade, have been putting together tracks and videos for a while with their eyes most definitely on the prize. They're extremely versatile and are bringing something new to the UK scene in a style that I can only describe as 'grime not grime' together with an energy unlike most other artists of their age.

A competition was run online by Blade to showcase the group's versatility. Submit your beats and the group will record a track using your music. The competition was won by a producer named Sinikal and, true to their word, the group quickly put some lyrics together and recorded this track.

This track doesn't lay out the group's intended path and is a complete one-off in terms of style and may be the group's only ever vinyl release so grab it while you can. You can also check out the official promotional video for it on the group's YouTube channel plus follow them on all the usual social media platforms.

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