Ahmed Ben Ali - Subhana

Ahmed Ben Ali

LP / Germany / 2023 / Habibi Funk
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Libyan Reggae at its peak grooves courtesy of Benghazi-born Ahmed Ben Ali.
After working with Ahmed in 2020 on the 12” hit “Subhana” (Habibi012)
(2.4M Spotify streams), Habibi Funk is back with a fulllength release focusing
on Ahmed’s releases from the mid 2000’s. The tracks on the LP represent a
blisteringly deep collection of heavy reggae rhythms and synthesized grooves
from a singular creative force, inspired as much from Jamaican sonics as
from Libyan folkloric styles, as Ahmed says,
“it’s the Libyan style, not some bullshit.”

1. Ya Rait
2. Subhana
3. Ya Ghalian
4. Damek Majeb
5. Ya Ghayeb
6. Ghali
7. La Ta’tather
8. Ya Ta’ebha
9. Ana Middaee
10. Aziz w Adda

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