Alchemist & Budgie - The Good Book Vol. 2

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Alchemist & Budgie
The Good Book Vol. 2

US / 2017 / Business As Usual
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God's Work
CD-1 1 Morning Service Intro
CD-1 2 Looking For A Blessing
CD-1 3 Pray For You (Rap, Featuring: Royce Da 5'9)
CD-1 4 On A Solid Rock
CD-1 5 A Thousand Birds (Rap, Featuring: Conway Rap, Featuring: WestsideGunn)
CD-1 6 Church Organ Needs Maintenance
CD-1 7 Floor Seats (Rap, Featuring: Mach Hommy)
CD-1 8 No Mystery God (Rap, Featuring: Meyhem Lauren)
CD-1 9 You Better Listen
CD-1 10 Message For The People (Rap, Featuring: Durag Dynasty)
CD-1 11 Try My Hand (Rap, Featuring: Mobb Deep)
CD-1 12 Crisis
CD-1 13 Find A Way (Rap, Featuring: Big Twins)
CD-1 14 Forgive Me
CD-1 15 God Loves You
CD-1 16 Brother Jedidiah (Rap, Featuring: Action Bronson Voice, Featuring: Big Body Bes)
CD-1 17 Something You Can't Buy
CD-1 18 Stuck In A Box (Rap, Featuring: Jeremiah Jae Rap, Featuring: Oliver The 2nd)
CD-1 19 Storm Coming
CD-1 20 Troubles (Rap, Featuring: Your Old Droog)
CD-1 21 Forever
CD-1 22 Ascension Outro
Chuuch Preach Tabernacle
CD-2 1 You Can Do It
CD-2 2 In-N-Out (Rap, Featuring: Buddy Vocals, Featuring: Chris O'Bannon Vocals, Featuring: Emmavie)
CD-2 3 Elevator To Heaven
CD-2 4 Recess (Vocals: Joyce Wrice)
CD-2 5 Hope & Despair
CD-2 6 Complete Undivided Crucifixion
CD-2 7 CPT (Rap, Featuring: Buddy Rap, Featuring: Jay Worthy)
CD-2 8 Ride For Me (Rap, Featuring: Dreebo Rap, Featuring: Traffic)
CD-2 9 Bel Air Baptism
CD-2 10 The More I Know The More I Miss
CD-2 11 By My Side (Rap, Featuring: Evidence)
CD-2 12 Word Of God (Rap, Featuring: Sulaiman )
CD-2 13 Salvation & Light
CD-2 14 Contemplating Reality
CD-2 15 My Life (Rap, Featuring: Remy Banks)
CD-2 16 Elevator To Heaven (Reprise) (Rap, Featuring: Chuck Inglish)
CD-2 17 God's Perfect Ten
CD-2 18 Just Church Friends
CD-2 19 Glory (Rap, Featuring: Nasty Nigel)
CD-2 20 Faith Vs Fantasy
CD-2 21 Best Believe (Vocals, Featuring: Fatima )
CD-2 22 Someone To Understand
CD-2 23 Take It Easy With The Lord