Axion117 - MHD


LP / Europe / 2018 / Cold Busted
Zustand: Neu

Artikelnummer: CB88-PO

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Japanese beat-master Axion117 returns to Cold Busted with the actionpacked 17 track MCHD. A worthy follow-up to 2016’s One Thousand
Horizon, the album further establishes Axion117 as a formidable samplesamurai, cutting and slashing beats and phrases in a fnely-tuned frenzy.
The cuts that make up MCHD are varied and expressive, revealing jazzy beat structures, chopped-up melodic motifs, and buttery vibes that can be
spread for days. Included in the album are the sublimely uplifting “Rising Up,” the latin-tinged “Dara Pa” and its bouncing kick drum, “Remaking
Vibes” with its smoked-out, lounge feel, and the mesmerizing mellow-ish boom-bap of “S.I.B.” As a whole, the album feels like an exclusive cratedigging session led by Axion177. There’s much to explore within MCHD’s 17 tracks. Dig deep!

1. 22195
2. Jazzdrum
3. Up Rising
4. Wander C
5. Dara Pa
6. Subside
7. Mdngthh
8. Millitant
9. Roan
10. Return Period
11. Revolving Lanturn 2
12. Natural
13. Yearning
14. Remaking Vibes
15. Milestone
16. SIB
17. Continue

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