Bobby Obsy - Rusty Gate

Bobby Obsy
Rusty Gate

LP / Europe / 2019
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A Boombap Hip-hop & Jazz production surrounded by a cinematic story that is about to change the game. Bobby Obsy presents: Rusty Gate.
This is a limited edition Vinyl release.

-What is the story about? What is this "Origin Story" video?

This is a story of another world. In this world the currency is vinyl records. Everything is related to music.
William Heist was considered one of the best piano players but the music industry took him down. He was left broken, paralysed. The system betrayed him.
After he got picked up by a group of outcasts, the Wei monks, he acquired supernatural powers. In the video you see the character wearing a pair of headphones, which is attached to his spine. This mystical piece of equipment enables the Vinyl Hunter to siphon the music of any vinyl record he touches into his body. The music enables him to walk again and perform powerful combos and moves.
He becomes a vigilante, the so called "Vinyl Hunter" aiming to end the corruption of the music industry.
He is after the big names and their precious vinyl record fortunes and the more vinyl records he adds to his collection, the more powerful he becomes. Cool huh??

A1.    Skit 1, Beginnings
A2.    Theme Song
A3.    Silent Blow                
A4.    Hollow Hill    
A5.    Skit 2, The Beat Kinetic
A6.    Scarlet
A7.    Alchemy
A8.    Madeline City
B1.    Skit 3, Streets talk talk
B2.    Bitter Kiss                
B3.    Paralysed
B4.    Skit 4, The Vinyl Hunteryl Hu...
B5.    Big Heat
B6.    Mystery Man
B7.    Gutbucket
B8.    Skit 5, The Whistler
B9.    A Ghost in Town