Brett Anderson - Collected Solo Work

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Brett Anderson
Collected Solo Work

LP / Europe / 2017-03-17 / Demon Records
Zustand: Neu

Artikelnummer: 245615

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Brett Anderson
A1 Love Is Dead
A2 One Lazy Morning
A3 Dust And Rain
A4 Intimacy
A5 To The Winter
A6 Scorpio Rising
B1 The Infinite Kiss
B2 Colour Of The Night
B3 The More We Possess The Less We Own Of Ourselves
B4 Ebony
B5 Song For My Father
C1 A Different Place
C2 The Empress
C3 Clowns
C4 Chinese Whispers
C5 Blessed
D1 Funeral Mantra
D2 Back To You
D3 Knife Edge
D4 P. Marius
D5 Symmetry
Slow Attack
E1 Hymn
E2 Wheatfields
E3 The Hunted
E4 Frozen Roads
E5 Summer
E6 Pretty Widows
F1 The Swans
F2 Ashes Of Us
F3 Scarecrows and Lilacs
F4 Julian's Eyes
F5 Leave Me Sleeping
Black Rainbows
G1 Unsung
G2 Brittle Heart
G3 Crash About To Happen
G4 I Count The Times
G5 The Exiles
H1 This Must Be Where It Ends
H2 Actors
H3 In The House Of Numbers
H4 Thin Men Dancing
H5 Possession


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