Brian Eno - Someday World

Brian Eno
Someday World

2xLP / UK & Europe / 2014-05-02 / Warp Records
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Standard Gatefold 2LP, includes DL-code.


A1 The Satellites (Alto Saxophone: Andy Mackay Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone: Georgia Gibson (2) Drums: John Reynolds Lyrics By, Guitar, Backing Vocals: KH Lyrics By, Vocals, Bass, Synthesizer, Drum Programming: BE Piano, Drums, Bass, Backing Vocals: F) 5:33
A2 Daddy's Car (Backing Vocals: Marianna Champion Brass, Piano, Synth [Abayomi], Voice [2nd], Lyrics By [End], Backing Vocals: BE Drums: Chris Vatalaro Drums: John Reynolds Drums, Brass, Backing Vocals: FG Synth [Bass]: Don E Voice [1st], Lyrics By [Main], Backing Vocals) 4:51
B1 Man Wakes Up (Backing Vocals: Tessa Angus Drums: John Reynolds Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Synth [Funk]: BE Sampler [Slices], Bass, Drum, Guitar [Passive], Synthesizer, Piano: FG Vocals ['Shine']: Marianna Champion Vocals, Lyrics By, Lead Guitar: KH) 4:19
B2 Witness (Clavinet: Don E Drum [Tamla Drums Kit]: John Reynolds Drums, Synth [Plink], Synth [Fear], Voice [2nd], Lyrics By [List], Piano [Jerry Lee Piano]: BE Electronic Drums [Tamla Drums]: Will Champion Piano, Synth, Bass, Drums, Lyrics By [List]: FG Voice [1st],) 5:08
B3 Strip It Down (Backing Vocals: Darla Eno Bass, Vocals, Synth [Hook]: BE Lyrics By, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals: KH Synth [Tolkein], Piano [Arpeggiator], Guitar [Swoop], Drums: FG Violin, Viola: Nell Catchpole) 4:44
C1 Mother Of A Dog (Drums, Bass, Synth, Backing Vocals, Synth [Coda]: BE Keyboards [Eerie Keys], Guitar [Crescendo], Backing Vocals [End]: FG Viola [Coda]: Nell Catchpole Voice [1st], Lyrics By, Guitar [All], Harmonica: KH) 5:38
C2 Who Rings The Bell (Backing Vocals [End]: Darla Eno Backing Vocals [End]: Marianna Champion Drums: John Reynolds Drums, Synth [Bass], Sampler [Guitar Slices], Voice [2nd], Backing Vocals: BE Piano, Backing Vocals: FG Voice [1st], Lyrics By, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, ) 5:05
D1 When I Built This World (Drums [Rolling]: Chris Vatalaro Drums, Piano, Bass [Funk], Bass [Pulse], Brass: FG Rhythm Guitar, Guitar [Melody], Sampler [Tapestry Voice Slices], Piano, Synth [Brass], Talking Drum, Tambourine: KH Saxophone: Andy MacKay Violin: Nell Catchpole Voice, Lyr) 5:47
D2 To Us All (Acoustic Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Voice: KH Drums, Voice: FG Voice, Lyrics By, Lead Guitar, Guitar [Lion's Pride], Synth [All]: BE) 3:27


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