Broadcast - Berberian Sound Studio

Berberian Sound Studio

LP / UK / 2013-01-07 / Warp Records
Zustand: Neu

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A1 A Breeze Through The Burford Spur (Effects: Christer Melén) 0:36
A2 The Equestrian Vortex 1:21
A3 Beautiful Hair 1:00
A4 Malleus Maleficarum (Vocals [Dialogue]: Eugenia Caruso Vocals [Dialogue]: Fatma Mohamed) 0:45
A5 Mark Of The Devil 0:40
A6 Confession Modulation 0:27
A7 Monica's Fall (Vocals [Dialogue]: Giovanni) 0:24
A8 Teresa's Song (Sorrow) 0:58
A9 The North Downs Dimension 1:05
A10 Collatina Is Coming 1:22
A11 Such Tender Things (Effects: Christer Melén) 0:47
A12 Teresa, Lark Of Ascension 3:37
A13 Monica's Burial (Under The Junipers) (Edited By [Montage]: Christer Melén Edited By [Montage]: Peter Strickland Effects: Colin Potter Effects: Steven Stapleton Vocals [Prayers]: Chiara D'Anna Vocals [Prayers]: Eugenia Caruso Vocals [Prayers]: Susanna Cappellaro Vocals [Scream]: Tracy Bolgar V) 1:00
A14 Found Scaled, Found Drowned 0:56
A15 Monica (Her Parents Have Been Informed) 0:57
A16 The Fifth Claw (Effects: Christer Melén Effects [Howling]: Katalin Ladik Vocals [Dialogue]: Giovanni) 1:26
A17 Saducismus Triumphatus (Effects [Clock Recording]: Peter Strickland) 0:32
B1 The Gallops 1:04
B2 They're Here, They're Under Us (Vocals [Dialogue]: Eugenia Caruso Vocals [Dialogue]: Fatma Mohamed) 0:23
B3 Collatina, Mark Of Damnation 1:37
B4 Treatise 1:02
B5 A Goblin (Effects: Christer Melén Vocals [Goblin]: Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg) 0:32
B6 The Equestrian Library 0:54
B7 The Serpent's Semen (Effects: Steven Stapleton Vocals [Screams]: Claire Crosby Vocals [Screams]: Patsy Preston Vocals [Screams]: Sarah Redpath Vocals [Screams]: Tracy Bolgar) 0:06
B8 Burnt At The Stake 1:33
B9 All Chiffchaffs 0:31
B10 The Curfew After The Massacre 0:30
B11 Poultry In Mind (Effects: Tim Kirby Vocals [Dialogue]: Eugenia Caruso Vocals [Dialogue]: Fatma Mohamed) 0:24
B12 The Sacred Marriage 1:12
B13 Valeria's Burial (Under The Fort) 0:54
B14 Edda's Burial (Under The Clumps) 0:41
B15 The Game's Up (Vocals [Prayer]: Susanna Cappellaro) 0:37
B16 It Must've Been The Magpies 0:48
B17 The Dormitory Window 0:58
B18 Anima Di Cristo (Vocals [Prayer]: Eugenia Caruso) 0:31
B19 His World Is My Shed 0:49
B20 Collatina's Folly 0:47
B21 Here Comes The Sabbath, There Goes The Cross (Effects: Tim Kirby Vocals [Chant]: Eugenia Caruso Vocals [Scream]: Stephanie Kirby) 0:32
B22 Our Darkest Sabbath 3:08


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