Camoflauge Monk - ラストリアルニッガ 2

Camoflauge Monk
ラストリアルニッガ 2

LP / Europe / 2019 / Lowtechrecords
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Limited to 100 copies on black vinyl


A1 Intro
A2 Scum Way (Featuring: ANKHLEJOHN)
A3 Steve Kerr (Featuring: Hus Kingpin)
A4 Aunties Steak & Rice Hold The Cabbage
A5 Ghost Gravity (Featuring: OG Sole)
A6 21 At 75
A7 G-Boy & Dex (Featuring: Gaiter )
A8 Bishops Boot Laces Interlude
A9 Dirty Revolver (Featuring: B.A. Badd Featuring: Mafiosa)
A10 Pfister 811
A11 Strawberry Avenue
B1 Dirty Waters Freestyle (Featuring: Jamal Gasol)
B2 Praline (Featuring: Cee Gee )
B3 Blue Birds
B4 Ozweego
B5 Monster Kody Interlude
B6 Half Pie From Bocces
B7 Biggies Steps (Featuring: DNTE Featuring: Wyze Wonder)
B8 Smith & Paddy
B9 Watson & William
B10 Inglewoodz Finest (Featuring: GeneralBackPain)
B11 Thank You Uncle Shoes

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