Jurassic 5 - Jurassic 5

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Jurassic 5
Jurassic 5

CD / US / 2008-11-11 / Decon
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Reissue of the album "Jurassic 5". This deluxe reissue features Jurassic 5's breakthrough album, a bonus CD with 15 tracks of hard to find and unreleased material plus the first ever Jurassic 5 DVD. The DVD features "The Jurassic Period" documentary capturing this seminal group at the beginning of an era in an experimental, music driven time piece. Also included on the DVD is a 25 minute performance by Jurassic 5 at the Brixton Academy as well as the "Concrete Schoolyard" video.


Jurassic 5 Album
CD1-1 In The Flesh 4:05
CD1-2 Quality Control Part II 0:39
CD1-3 Jayou 2:58
CD1-4 Lesson 6: The Lecture 5:32
CD1-5 Concrete Schoolyard (´) 5:21
CD1-6 Setup 0:30
CD1-7 Action Satisfaction 3:58
CD1-8 Sausage Gut 0:19
CD1-9 Improvise 3:43
CD1-10 Blacktop Beat 1:25
CD1-11 Without A Doubt 3:00
CD1-12 Lesson 6 (Reprise) 1:39
CD1-13 Action Satisfaction (Dub) 3:55
Bonus Material
CD2-1 Ignition Sequence (Producer: Cut Chemist Scratches: Cut Chemist) 1:54
CD2-2 Ducky Boy (Producer: Cut Chemist Producer: DJ Nu-Mark Scratches: Cut Chemist) 2:08
CD2-3 Verbal Gunfight (Producer: DJ Nu-Mark) 3:51
CD2-4 Rubber Tires (Producer: Cut Chemist Producer: DJ Nu-Mark) 4:06
CD2-5 Long Road To Glory (Producer: DJ Nu-Mark) 3:51
CD2-6 Ghetto Diplomat (Producer: DJ Nu-Mark Scratches: Cut Chemist) 3:45
CD2-7 Lesson 4: The Radio (Producer: Cut Chemist Scratches: Cut Chemist) 5:28
CD2-8 Jayou Remix (Producer: Cut Chemist Remix: Cut Chemist Scratches: Cut Chemist) 3:19
CD2-9 The Rhythm (Producer: Akil) 3:08
CD2-10 (Who's Gonna Be The) Next Victim (Producer: Cut Chemist Producer: Marvski Scratches: Cut Chemist) 4:16
CD2-11 The Joint Freestyle 3:21
CD2-12 The Joint Promo (Producer: Akil Scratches: Cut Chemist) 1:57
CD2-13 Wake Up Show Promo (Producer: Cut Chemist Scratches: Cut Chemist) 1:44
CD2-14 Power 106 Promo (Producer: Akil) 1:56
CD2-15 Unified Rebelution (Producer: Cut Chemist Scratches: Cut Chemist) 4:32
DVD3-2 The Brixton Academy Concert


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