Cryptic One - The Anti-Mobius Strip Theory

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Cryptic One
The Anti-Mobius Strip Theory

2xLP / Germany / 2015-03-31 / Centrifugal Phorce
Zustand: Neu

Artikelnummer: 242983

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200 copies pressed on black vinyl, 100 copies on yellow vinyl.

This is the black vinyl version


A1 Intro (Producer: Cryptic One) 1:57
A2 Anti-Mobius Strip Theory (Should I Be Sick? I Guess Not...) (Producer: Cryptic One) 3:19
A3 Pulp Non-Fiction RMX (Producer: Jestoneart) 4:18
A4 UniCycle (Water Cycle) (Producer: Blockhead) 2:02
A5 Half-Life (Producer: Cryptic One) 4:35
B1 Tempt Fate (Featuring: Alaska (3) Featuring: Windnbreeze Producer: Cryptic One) 3:32
B2 Intricate Schemes (Producer: Blueprint) 5:40
B3 BiCycle (Gold Cycle) (Producer: Blockhead) 2:17
B4 Uncomfortable Silence (Producer: Cryptic One) 3:35
C1 Apocalypse Zone (Featuring: Aesop Rock Producer: Cryptic One) 3:36
C2 Death Of Regret (Producer: Cryptic One) 3:19
C3 TriCycle (Lawn Cycle) (Producer: Blockhead) 2:02
C4 Time Piece/ Peace Of Time (Producer: Cryptic One) 5:46
D1 Rebirth Of Regret (Producer: Cryptic One) 4:16
D2 Willow (Producer: Cryptic One) 6:33
D3 Life After (Producer: Cryptic One) 5:39


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