Cut Beetlez - Droppin' Needles Feat. Soundsci

Cut Beetlez
Droppin' Needles Feat. Soundsci

12" / Europe / 2017 / AE Productions
Zustand: Neu

Artikelnummer: cutbeePO

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AE Productions are please to present our latest release and latest signing Cut Beetlez, a DJ/producer duo hailing from Tampere, Finland. For their first release on AE, Droppin’ Needles, they have teamed up with Soundsci MC’s Oxygen, Audessey and U-George delivering an ode to the almost forgotten art of the needle drop – a turntable technique pioneered by the legendary Grand Wizard Theodore. Oxygen himself is a pioneer of the art of MCing while at the same time needle dropping – an incredibly rare and extremely difficult ability and something to behold! The beats have been created using live turntables over a raw MPC based drum track with formidable results while the MC’s drop science on the art of needle dropping. The sleeve artwork recreates Marley Marl’s brilliant Droppin’ Science sleeve – an idea from Cut Beetlez themselves and executed by the inimitable Mr Krum – in AE’s opinion the world’s foremost expert on record sleeve recreation. The 12” includes both the main version and also a remix version created with the same methods as the main version plus instrumentals, accapella, bonus beat and DJ tool – plenty of tracks for DJ’s while a limited edition cassette single release includes main and remix vocal and instrumental versions.

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