D-Styles - Noises In The Right Order

Noises In The Right Order

LP / Europe / 2020 / Beat Junkie Sound
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2nd Full Length LP, Limited Edition double vinyl, Hand numbered, Limited to 888 copies, Member of World Famous Beat Junkies and Invisibl Skratch Piklz

In the world of turntablism, Dave Cuasito aka D-Styles is widely known and hugely respected for his unique scratching skills and his smooth style. He’s a low key character who expresses himself on his turntables. For D-Styles, it’s always been about turntable music. Making beats, Scratching, DJing and it’s what he lives for and something he doesn’t take for granted. As far as he’s concerned he’s still improving with absolutely no fear of the future, just an incredible passion to keep pushing forward.


He's Your friend too
Death by 1000 papercuts
Roll Call
Day Desert Trek
Stranger Danger
Watch Yo Step
Some old funky shit
For lack of a better word
The whistles tho
Therapeutic Destruction
Diamond in the Rough
1 for 2 for 1
Oolong High
Active Crime Scene
Take a ride
Elephants in the room
Tonal Catastrophe
The Magnificent

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