Darrow Fletcher - My Young Misery

Darrow Fletcher
My Young Misery

LP / Europe / 2020 / Ace
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Artikelnummer: KENTLP550-PO

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Querschnitt aus der 2016 veröffentlichten Kent-CD mit 14 ausgesuchten und von Jack Ashford produzierten Soul-Tracks auf tiefschwarzem Vinyl!

Side One
1. I'm Gone - Eddie Parker 2. Sweet Baby - Al Gardner 3. Payback's A Drag - The Smith Brothers 4. Love You Baby - Eddie Parker 5. Stay Here With Me - Sandra Richardson 6. I'll Fly To Your Open Arms - The Family Brick 7. Don't Leave Me Baby - Ray Gant & Arabian Knights
Side Two
1. Things Won't Be The Same (Full Version) - The Smith Brothers (Previously Unissued) 2. I Need A True Love - Eddie Parker 3. I Need Your Love (To Satisfy My Soul) - The Stylists (Previously Unissued) 4. There Can Be A Better Way - The Smith Brothers 5. Crying Clown - Billy Sha-Rae 6. The Story Of My Life - Billy Sha-Rae (Originally Unissued) 7. Let Me Take Care Of Your Heart - Jack Ashford (Originally Unissued)

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