Dirty Art Club - Basement Seance

Dirty Art Club
Basement Seance

LP / Europe / 2021 / Paxico Records
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Dirty Art Club calls upon spirits in Basement Seance, conjuring otherworldly energies into instrumental hallucinations. Inspiration has been sourced across decades and genres - from prog rock and 70’s soul to hip-hop smartly blended with rhythmic density. Idyllic soundscapes reflect the beauty of nature, yet allude to the supernatural; In this 23 track odyssey DAC reminds us that amidst warmth and soulful comfort, the things we fear most always exist in our shadow.

Originally released on Bandcamp, Paxico Records is pleased to bring its translation back onto vinyl. Basement Seance takes on all the best elements of progressive rock and spiritual american soul, blending them together into an aural maze built from hip hop’s bones. Getting lost and not knowing if the pleasures to the ears are of saint or sin. Spiritual atmospheres orbiting between lush and devious. Deep, dark and warm tones abound throughout this 23 track cinematic. Light some candles.

Queen Persephone
The Gate
God City
Sick Boy
What If
Basement Seance
Into the Spiritual
The 13th Dimension
Native's Blood
Ultraviolet Chandelier
Soul Eater
Planet Xanax
True Stories
The Machine
Midnight Blue
Yesterday Is Forever

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