A State Of Mind - Color Wheel

A State Of Mind
Color Wheel

LP / France / 2019-10-05 / Chinese Man Records
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With 3 critically acclaimed albums and more than 600 concerts in 25 different countries, ASM has established himself as one of the European leading Hip Hop band. Mainly composed with MC’s Green and FP and DJ/producer Fade alias Rhino, the trio first gained international recognition through his collaboration with Wax Tailor: Positively inclined and Say Yes. They have since collaborated with Chinese Man, MF DOOM, Deluxe, La Fine Equipe and many others.

After spending the last 18 months as MC’s on the Chinese Man’s Shikantaza tour, 2019 sees the return of the initial training of ASM. Rooted in an organic sensibility and ‘old school’ that defined their career, Color Wheel exposes ASM’s frontal engagement with contemporary textures and rhythms as a need to prove themselves – they are undeniably masters in their art, in their assortment of bass-heavy rap – undeniable bangers of all shades.


A1 Sesame
A2 Grape (Featuring: Cutty Ranks)
A3 Burgundy (Featuring: Marcus Paul James)
A4 Champagne
B1 Flamingo (Featuring: La Fine Equipe)
B2 Peacock (Featuring: Mattic (2) Featuring: Miscellaneous (5) Featuring: Stogie T Featuring: Youthstar)
B3 Crimson
B4 Azure (Featuring: Mali Hayes)
C1 Pine
C2 Honey (Featuring: Chinese Man)
C3 Soot
C4 Gold (Featuring: Charles X)
D1 Tobacco
D2 Apricot
D3 Bamboo (Featuring: Mr. Gib)