Danger Doom - The Mouse And The Mask

Danger Doom
The Mouse And The Mask

CD / US / 2017-05-05 / Metal Face Records
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1 El Chupa Nibre (Voice [Appearance By]: Master Shake) 2:35
2 Sofa King (Voice [Appearance By]: Aqua Teen Hunger Force) 2:57
3 The Mask (Bass: Mark Linkous Featuring: Ghostface Voice [Appearance By]: Brak Voice [Appearance By]: Zorak Written-By: D. Coles) 3:12
4 Perfect Hair (Voice [Appearance By]: Master Shake) 2:03
5 Benzie Box (Featuring: Cee-Lo Written-By: T. Callaway) 3:00
6 Old School (Featuring: Talib Kweli Voice [Appearance By]: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Written-By: T. Greene) 2:40
7 A.T.H.F. (Voice [Appearance By]: Aqua Teen Hunger Force) 3:04
8 Basket Case (Voice [Appearance By]: Harvey Birdman) 2:35
9 No Names (Keyboards: Money Mark Voice [Appearance By]: The Cast Of Sealab 2021) 3:07
10 Crosshairs 2:27
11 Mince Meat 2:33
12 Vats Of Urine (Voice [Appearance By]: The Mooninites) 1:48
13 Space Ho's (Voice [Appearance By]: Space Ghost) 3:29
14 Bada Bing (Voice [Appearance By]: Aqua Teen Hunger Force) 4:26
15 Skit 1 (Voice [Appearance By]: Master Shake) 1:20
16 El Chupa Nibre (Remix) (Voice [Appearance By]: The Sheriff Voice [Appearance By]: SquidBillies) 2:46
17 Perfect Hair II (Voice [Appearance By]: The Cast Of Perfect Hair Forever) 2:20
18 Korn Dogz (Voice [Appearance By]: 12oz Mouse) 3:01
19 Skit 2 (Voice [Appearance By]: The Cast Of Minoriteam) 3:20
20 Sofa King (Remix) (Voice [Appearance By]: Aqua Teen Hunger Force) 2:50
21 Space Ho's (Madlib Remix) (Remix: Madlib Voice [Appearance By]: Space Ghost Written-By: O. Jackson) 3:52
22 Mad Nice (Featuring: Black Thought Featuring: Vinny Price Written-By: T. Trotter Written-By: V. Price) 3:11
23 Spokesman 2:26