Whitefield Brothers - Earthology

Whitefield Brothers

CD / US / 2010 / Now-Again Records
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1 Joyful Exaltation (Clarinet: Niko Schabel Drums: MW Flute: Wolfi Schlick Mixed By: WBs Organ, Bass [Organ]: Thomas Myland Recorded By: D. Ictafon Vocals: Bajka Written-By: B. Pluwatsch Written-By: M. Whitefield Written-By: T. Myland) 1:59
2 Safari Strut (Bass [Organ]: Thomas Myland Clarinet, Alto Flute: Wolfi Schlick Drums, Marimba: MW Guitar, Other [Kollage], Recorded By, Mixed By: JW Written-By: J. Whitefield) 3:19
3 Reverse (Bass: Bosco Mann Drums, Synthesizer [Juno], Synthesizer [Moog], Other [Kollage]: MW Guitar, Keyboards [Elka], Other [Kollage], Mixed By: JW Percussion: Boogaloo Velez Recorded By: Dave Cooley Recorded By: Gabe Roth Recorded By: JW Vocals: MED Vocals: Perc) 4:24
4 Taisho (Bass, Mixed By: JW Clavinet: Thomas Myland Drums, Percussion: MW Koto: Masaru Nishimoto Recorded By: JW Recorded By: Zdenko Curulija Written-By: J. Whitefield Written-By: M. Nishimoto Written-By: M. Whitefield) 2:23
5 Sad Nile (Baritone Saxophone: Johannes Schleiermacher Clavinet: Thomas Myland Drums: MW Guitar: JW Mixed By: Jochen Ströh Mixed By: MW Recorded By: Jochen Ströh Tenor Saxophone: Ben Abarbanel-Wolff Trumpet: Stu Krause Written-By: M. Whitefield) 3:43
6 The Gift (Alto Saxophone: Niko Schabl Drums, Organ, Percussion: MW Flute, Tuba, Tenor Saxophone: Wolfi Schlick Mixed By: Jochen Ströh Mixed By: WBs Recorded By: JW Trombone: Zuzzi Krall Trumpet: Martin Majevski Vocals: Edan Vocals: Mr. Lif Written-By: B. Baral Writ) 3:54
7 Ntu (Bells, Percussion: Zdenko Curulija Engineer: Benjamin Spitzmüller Gong: JW Instrumentation By [Bamboo], Percussion, Mixed By: MW Recorded By: JW Recorded By: Zdenko Curulija Written-By: M. Whitefield) 2:08
8 Pamukkale (Bass, Percussion, Piano, Recorded By, Mixed By: JW Drums, Percussion: MW English Horn, Flute: Wolfi Schlick Organ: Thomas Myland Percussion: Bo Baral Percussion: Zdenko Curulija Written-By: J. Whitefield) 3:56
9 Alin (Drums, Gong, Percussion: MW Flute: Masaru Nishimoto Mixed By: Benjamin Spitzmüller Percussion: Pierre ) 2:16
10 Breakin' Through (Baritone Saxophone: Martin Perna Bass: Nick Movshon Clarinet: Stuart Bogie Clavinet: Ralf Kiefer Drums: MW Electric Piano: Thomas Myland Flute: Leon Michels Mixed By: WBs Recorded By: JW Recorded By: MW Trombone: Aaron Johnson Written-By: Mal Waldron) 4:21
11 Sem Yelesh (Balafon [Ballaphon], Congas, Percussion [Tambour]: Bo Baral Bass, Electric Piano, Mixed By: JW Drums: Zdenko Curulija Organ: Thomas Myland Other [Cultural Advice]: Birhan ) 3:21
12 Lullaby For Lagos (Bass [Organ]: Thomas Myland Drums, Vibraphone: MW Flute: Johannes Schleiermacher Guitar: JW Guitar: Will Holland Mixed By: Jochen Ströh Mixed By: WBs Recorded By: JW Recorded By: Jochen Ströh Written-By: Jan Whitefield Written-By: M. Whitefield Written-By) 2:39
13 Chich (Bass Clarinet: Hannes Kies Flute: Johannes Schleiermacher Glockenspiel, Marimba, Vibraphone, Percussion: MW Mixed By: WBs Percussion [Hand Drum]: Maria Del Mar Campo Recorded By: Jochen Ströh Trombone: Philipp Domke Written-By: M. Whitefield) 2:31