Fly Anakin & Big Kahuna OG - Holly Water

Fly Anakin & Big Kahuna OG
Holly Water

LP / Europe / 2019 / Mutant Academy (2)
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The official Big Fly album release following the first 4 in the on-going series. Holly Water picks up where the Mutant Academy duo left off to provide a full length journey featuring the underground’s finest producers. Recorded at the legendary Holly Block in Richmond, VA.

Intro (prod. Unlucky Bastards)
Baggington (prod. Ewonee)
Fusion Dance on a Tab (prod. Sycho Sid)
Nintendo Bitch (prod. Sadhu Gold)
Slimes Out (prod. Hann_11)
Hot Boy Freestyle (prod. Fly Anakin)
Corrupt (prod. Nolan the Ninja)
Holly Water 4 Yo Bitch (prod. Ohbliv)
No OG’s (prod. Graymatter)
High Noon (prod. rbchmbrs)
Big Uzi Vert (prod. Tuamie)
Twenty Car Garage (prod.Graymatter)
On Godd (prod. Unlucky Bastards)
Shakey on the Phone (prod. Graymatter)
Church (prod. Foisey)
Liquid Coke (prod. Tuamie)
Boss Hostage (prod. Graymatter)

- the follow up to the first 4 big fly mixtapes
- featuring production from ohbliv, tuamie, graymatter, sadhu gold, etc.
- fly anakin will be on tour with evidence this fall and will be featuring on madlib’s next album
- big kahuna og and fly anakin will be in LA in October to perform a few shows
- this is the first full length Big Fly project
- [email protected] the legendary Holly Block Studios In richmond, va

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