James Crown - Get Down

James Crown
Get Down

7" / Europe / 2020
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The 'James Crown - Get Down' 45 is a tribute to the one and only Godfather of Soul, the King of Funk, Mr. Dynamite, “The Hardest Working Man In Show Business” himself: who that is, must be quite obvious. The vinyl-only release is a collaboration by Dutch Gems, Rucksack Records & Fair Deal.

The producer behind this record is another hard-working man. In the hip-hop biz, that is. Dutch DJ and producer Kid Sundance is active as a recording artist since the mid-80s and released music with various artists like Boomoperators, Busy Bee, Dudley Perkins, and others. James Crown is Kid Sundance’s first vinyl release since 2012’s 'Kid’s Colors', a future-vintage LP inspired by 70s/80s library music, released via Dutch label Fremdtunes.

“James Brown gave us a direction in hip-hop through his records,” Kid Sundance says. “The fact that he has so many recordings plus the fact that those records weren’t very obscure, gave everybody who owned a sampler and a turntable a chance to get down. Therefore the records I used for this tribute track are by no means obscure JB records.”

The backbone of the track—the chopped drums and guitar—was made on the SP-1200. The separate stems in Logic X inspired Kid Sundance to add a chopped bassline with his ASR-10; also from a James Brown record. The same goes for the horns. He played the chops and riffs himself on the SP-1200 and the ASR-10. “From a creative point of view, that was very important to me,” Kid Sundance says. “I wanted to use combinations of samples, not to use entire hooks.” It took a month before Kid Sundance decided to add JB vocals and cuts to the instrumental track, as the crown on his work.

The 'James Crown - Get Down' 45 is available on February 24th via Bandcamp (Rucksack Records & Dutch Gems) and carefully selected record stores worldwide.