Public Enemy - Fear Of A Black Panet

Public Enemy
Fear Of A Black Panet

LP / Europe / 1990 / Def Jam

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1.Contract on the World Love Jam

2.Brothers gonna work it out

3.911 is a Joke

4.Incident at 66.6 FM

5.Welcome to the Terrordome

6.Meet the G That killed me


8.Anti-Nigger Machine

9.Burn Hollywood Burn

10.Power to the People

11.Who stole the Soul?

12.Fear of a Black Planet

13.Revolutionary Generation

14.Can`t do nuttin' for ya man

15.Reggie Jax

16.Leave this off Fuckin Charts 17.B sides wins again

18.War at 33 1/3

19.Final count of the Collision between Us and the Damned

20.Fight the Power