Ric-A-Che - Lack Of Communication

Lack Of Communication

2xLP / US / 2004 / Universal Records
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Track #A3 contains replayed elements from the composition "I Got A Thing You Got A Thing" written by Clarence Haskins. Track #A4 contains a samples of the recording "Hammerhead" by Simon Haseley. Track #B2 contains samples from the composition "Kukuchi" written by Caiphus Semenya. Track #B4 contains samples from the composition "Never Gonna Stop" by Linda Clifford.


A1 Intro 1:22
A2 Gettin' Ugly (Guitar: Joe Davi Strings: Joe Davi) 3:48
A3 Belve (Guitar: Ricky Depress) 3:30
A4 Thang Thangs (Bass: Joe Davi Co-producer: B-Side (5) Guitar: Joe Davi Mixed By: Doug Wilson Producer: V.I.C. Written-By: V. Padilla) 3:34
B1 Dam Haterz (Producer: Nation (6)) 1:28
B2 Coo Coo Chee (Co-producer: Nomad (5) Featuring: Darija (2) Mixed By: Neal Pogue Written-By: D. Antic) 3:54
B3 Hustla Til' (Producer: Joe Davi Written-By: J. Davi) 4:33
B4 So Cold (Co-producer: B-Side (5) Co-producer: DJ Emz Featuring: Akon Producer: V.I.C. Written-By: A. Thiam Written-By: V. Padilla) 4:09
C1 Fiend'n (Producer: 7th Nation) 1:21
C2 Lil' Bro (Producer: Tone Mason Written-By: A. Brown) 3:43
C3 Wartime 5:12
C4 Who Wanna Do Something 2:23
D1 Stomp'n (Mixed By: Doug Wilson Producer: Dahoud Darien) 3:34
D2 Dirty Midwest (Featuring: 7th Nation Featuring: Blac-E-Blac Featuring: Flawless (2) Producer: Knyce Written-By: A. Peters Written-By: D. Lynn Written-By: L. Jackson II) 3:53
D3 Miscommunication (Producer: Nation (6)) 1:21
D4 Jean-A-Cole (Featuring: 7th Nation Producer: Nation (6) Written-By: D. Lynn) 4:51
D5 Outro (Producer: Knyce) 0:31

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