Sick 'N' Tik - Vinyl Stock Exchange Vol.3

Sick 'N' Tik
Vinyl Stock Exchange Vol.3

CD / Germany / 2006 / VSE
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The Saga continues....Volume 3 now available!

1. ghostface killah feat. trife "be easy"
2. motion man "pablito`s way"
3. stieber twins "hard hittin`"
4. muggs & gza "unstoppable threats"
5. atmosphere "they call it"
6. 421 "nicht viel"
7. puts "la9x"
8. a tribe called quest "the hop"
9. ghostface killah feat: raekwon "r.a.g.u."
10. blade "soldiers" stock
11. mf doom "vomit-smokey 131 remix"
12. jazz liberators "backpackers"
13. geeshok "no doubt" (exclusiv)
14. soulpositon "the cool thing to do"
15. louis logic and jj brown "captain lou el wino"
16. lewis parker "don´t forget about ya boy"
17. buckwild "grand puba- i like it (remix)"
18. dj day "four hills"