Summers Sons - The Rain

Summers Sons
The Rain

LP / UK / 2019-11-22 / Melting Pot Music
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The Rain is a story of loss, love and new beginnings.
A Summers Sons album for the Winter.
Sunshine for grey days.
A promise of blue skies when the clouds won't clear.
This is an ode to absent shadows.
For anybody that misses somebody.
The sun don't always shine but we need The Rain to grow.
The seeds will flower, even out of the darkest cracks in the pavement.

Dedicated to AJ Towner. Your strength is our Light.


A1 Lightworks 3:06
A2 The Rain Pt. 1 3:05
A3 A Moment to Bill It 1:50
A4 Space to Breathe 4:04
A5 Blue Skies 2:37
A6 The Sequel 3:44
B1 Just A Drop In The Ocean 3:48
B2 The Rain Pt. 2 2:52
B3 Orange Moon 2:58
B4 Bittersweet 3:47
B5 The Rain Pt. 3 7:17


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