Tork - Aka Der Coach II

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Aka Der Coach II

2xLP / Germany / 2023-03-00 / Ohne-Moos-Nix-Los Records
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A1 Aka Der Coach (Featuring: Chris Henry The 3rd Featuring: Holy Modee Producer: Torky)
A2 Down Mit Niemand (Featuring: Longus Mongus Producer: Torky)
A3 23'Till (Featuring: Dexter Featuring: Fatoni Producer: Torky)
A4 Nachts Im Park (Featuring: Neromun Featuring: Xaver (5) Producer: Torky Tork Producer: Whitey)
A5 Für Den Hass (Featuring: Elo Featuring: Enoq Producer: Torky)
A6 Tunnel (Featuring: Doz9 Featuring: Döll Producer: Torky)
B1 Naiv (Featuring: Lord Folter Featuring: Young Meyerlack Producer: Florida Juicy Producer: Torky)
B2 Aquarien (Featuring: Morten Featuring: Neromun Producer: Carlifornia Producer: Torky)
B3 Strausberger Platz (Featuring: Goldroger Featuring, Producer: Josi Miller Producer: Torky)
B4 Drogen (Featuring: Audio88 Featuring: Dendemann Producer: Torky)
B5 Das Ende (Featuring: Dissy Producer: Torky Producer: Wandl)
C1 Aka Der Coach Instrumental (Producer: Torky)
C2 Down Mit Niemand Instrumental (Producer: Torky)
C3 23'Till Instrumental (Producer: Torky)
C4 Nachts Im Park Instrumental (Producer: Torky Producer: Whitey)
C5 Für Den Hass Instrumental (Producer: Torky)
C6 Tunnel Instrumental (Producer: Torky)
D1 Naiv Instrumental (Producer: Florida Juicy Producer: Torky)
D2 Aquarien Instrumental (Producer: Carlifornia Producer: Torky)
D3 Strausberger Platz Instrumental (Producer: Josi Miller Producer: Torky)
D4 Drogen (Producer: Torky)
D5 Das Ende Instrumental (Producer: Torky Producer: Wandl)