Gentleman - The Selection

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The Selection

LP / Germany / 2017-06-16 / Vertigo Berlin
Zustand: Neu

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Tracks A4/CD-3 and D1/CD-5 are exclusive to this collection.


A1 Dem Gone
A2 Mama (Featuring: Ky-Mani Marley)
A3 Serenity
A4 Imperfection (Featuring: Aloe Blacc)
A5 Another Melody (Featuring: Tanya Stephens)
B1 Intoxication
B2 In My Arms
B3 Runaway
B4 To The Top (Featuring: Christopher Martin )
B5 Leave Us Alone
B6 On We Go
C1 Superior
C2 Red Town
C3 Heart Of Rub-A-Dub
C4 You Remember
C5 It No Pretty
C6 Warn Dem (Featuring: Shaggy)
D1 Ovaload (Featuring: Sean Paul)
D2 Changes
D3 Different Places
D4 Send A Player
D5 Memories
CD-1 Superior
CD-2 Dem Gone
CD-3 Imperfection (Featuring: Aloe Blacc)
CD-4 Intoxication
CD-5 Ovaload (Featuring: Sean Paul)
CD-6 It No Pretty
CD-7 To The Top (Featuring: Christopher Martin )
CD-8 Warn Dem (Featuring: Shaggy)
CD-9 Leave Us Alone
CD-10 In My Arms
CD-11 Runaway
CD-12 Serenity
CD-13 Memories
CD-14 Changes
CD-15 Heart Of Rub-A-Dub
CD-16 Mama (Featuring: Ky-Mani Marley)
CD-17 You Remember
CD-18 Another Melody (Featuring: Tanya Stephens)
CD-19 On We Go
CD-20 Red Town
CD-21 Different Places
CD-22 Send A Prayer


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