Glenn Astro & HulkHodn - Ghosts (td Edition with Screen Printed Sleeve)

Glenn Astro & HulkHodn
Ghosts (td Edition with Screen Printed Sleeve)

LP / Germany / 2022
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Glenn Astro and Hulk Hodn (to some known as mighty Hodini) release their new full-length record “Ghosts” via Kommerz Records.

Producers Astro & Hodn's first joint album “Turquoise Tortoise” in 2018 combined uptempo beats, hip-hop and spaced out lo-fi slow jams effortlessly. On “Ghosts” the duo develops their exploration of new aesthetics even further through synthesized soundscapes and numerous collaborations with young talent from all over the world. Artists such as Danish neo soul discovery AGGi, King Krule collaborator Gal Go, Kamohelo from Studio Barnhus' band Off The Meds, Berlin-based voice experimentalist Yosa Peit and many more deep dived into the collaboration and transformed the album into a sonic multiverse.

Glenn Astro and Hulk Hodn are connected through a long lasting musical friendship. With their Detroit-inspired house releases they gained wider recognition by critics and listeners alike. Nevertheless, they’ve never been one dimensional artists. Berlin-based Glenn Astro's diversified approach to production as showcased on labels such as Ninja Tune and Tartelet bridges the gaps between ambient, hip-hop, techno and bass.

Meanwhile Cologne's Hulk Hodn gained the status of a German underground hip-hop legend. Through his records and shows with rapper Retrogott he gathered a cult-like following besides dropping high quality projects with other beat makers such as Hubert Daviz and Twit One and rappers such as Eloquent. Most recently he dropped the instrumental LP “Sparklez” on Sichtexot sub Casual Low Grind. 


All tracks produced and programmed by Glenn Astro & HulkHodn.
That Day includes vocals and lyrics by Kamohelo Khoaripe. Inside and Deep include vocals and lyrics by Agnes Dixgaard. Tell Me includes vocals and lyrics by Yosa Peit and additional bass played by Martin Brugger. The Call includes vocals and lyrics by Nora Lilith.
Café Metropol includes Gal Go on additional guitar & saxophone. Snap Out includes vocals by melody blessing and lyrics by melody blessing and JUDES. Sunshine includes production, lyrics and vocals by Treasure Bloom.

1. That Day (feat. Kamohelo)
2. Deep (feat. AGGi) 04:03
3. Brappo 02:18
4. Inside (feat. AGGi)
5. Tell Me (feat. Yosa Peit)
6. Ghost
7. The Call (feat. Nora Lilith)
8. RX5 02:03
9. Ghostin'
10. Café Metropol (feat. Gal Go) 03:01
11. Snap Out (feat. melody blessing)
12. Sunshine (feat. Treasure Bloom)