Hieroglyphics - 3rd Eye Vision

3rd Eye Vision

3xLP / US / 2019-08-30 / Hiero Imperium
Zustand: Neu

Artikelnummer: 244147

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This is the first vinyl release to include the whole original album.  The track order still differs from the original release as all the artist interludes are at the end of the release.

This release also includes a bonus track.

Vinyl reissue in deluxe packaging, expansive liner notes, and the full original album tracks and a bonus


A1 Intro (Producer: Domino )
A2 You Never Knew (Producer: A-Plus)
A3 All Things (Producer: Domino )
A4 The Who (Producer: Del The Funkee Homosapien)
B1 Dune Methane (Producer: Casual)
B2 At The Helm (Producer: Domino )
B3 The Last One (Producer: Casual)
B4 Oakland Blackouts (Producer: Opio)
C1 Mics Of The Roundtable (Producer: A-Plus)
C2 See Delight (Producer: Opio)
C3 Off The Record (Producer: Domino )
D1 After Dark (Producer: Domino)
D2 No Nuts (Producer: Domino )
D3 One Life, One Love (Producer: Toure)
D4 Miles To The Sun (Producer: J-Biz)
E1 Casual (Producer: Del The Funky Homosapien)
E2 Phesto (Producer: Phesto)
E3 Tajai (Producer: Domino)
E4 Pep Love (Producer: J-Biz)
F1 A-Plus (Producer: Domino )
F2 Opio (Producer: Opio)
F3 Del (Producer: Domino )
F4 Battle Of The Shadow (Bonus) (Producer: A-Plus)


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