Hus Kingpin - Nah Right Hype 2-LP (Silver Marbled Edition)

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Hus Kingpin
Nah Right Hype 2-LP (Silver Marbled Edition)

12" / Belgium / 2019-06-05 / Item Records (2)
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Limited Edition Of 75 Silver marbled copies


A1 Ras Kass Message (Featuring: Ras Kass) 00:14
A2 Kingpin's Canvas (Music By: Camoflauge Monk) 01:24
A3 Hamlet (Featuring: Tekh Togo Featuring: Woozy Medz Producer: M.W.P.) 03:01
A4 The Listening (Producer: DJ HouseShoes) 02:57
A5 Planet Asia Message (Featuring: Planet Asia) 00:13
A6 Pyramid Balconies (Featuring: Tristate Music By: Camoflauge Monk) 02:16
A7 Coke Opera (Featuring: D Strong Featuring: Sean rosati Producer: Custodian Of Records) 02:59
A8 Triple H (Featuring: Has-Lo Music By: Camoflauge Monk Vocals: Hassaan Mackey) 03:18
B1 Mach Hommy Message (Featuring: Mach Hommy) 00:17
B2 Xerox Glocks (Featuring: Mach Hommy Producer: Vic Grimes) 04:02
B3 Frank The Butcher Message (Featuring: Frank The Butcher) 00:13
B4 Butcher Empire (Producer: Frank The Butcher) 01:35
B5 Love Us (Featuring: Planet Asia Featuring: Rozewood Producer: Dirtydiggs) 04:12
B6 Sagine Message (Vocals: Sagine) 00:07
B7 War Moon (Featuring: Rozewood Producer: Twiz the Beat Pro) 03:53
C1 Marvelous Mag Message (Featuring: Marvelous Mag) 00:16
C2 Fetti (Featuring: Marvelous Mag Featuring: Smoovth Music By: Camoflauge Monk) 04:27
C3 Victims Of Vogue (Featuring: WestsideGunn Producer: DJ Daringer) 3:00
C4 The Message (Featuring: Asia J Music By: Htn (2)) 02:16
C5 Mike Raw (of The U.N) 00:11
C6 Sky Walk (Music By: Camoflauge Monk Vocals: Rast RFC) 03:12
D1 SmooVth Message (Featuring: Smoovth) 00:09
D2 HBO: Love At The Store (Featuring: Smoovth Producer: DJ Premier Vocals: Milano (2)) 04:13
D3 Jazz (Roc Marciano's Manager) Message 00:40
D4 Playoffs (Producer: Roc Marciano) 03:32
D5 Hourglass RMX (Featuring: Rozewood Producer: Tom Van Vechten) 3:24
D6 Mahalia (Producer: J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) 02:10
D7 Mom's Message 00:10