K-The-I??? - Broken Love Letter

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Broken Love Letter

LP / US / 2006-10-31 / Mush
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"American made avant hip-hop"


A1 Miss Gofuckyourself
A2 Liza Minnelli
A3 Go-Go-Girls (Scratches [Uncredited]: DJ Shortrock)
A4 Justied To Most Developed Moments
A5 You're Not That Beautiful (Scratches [Uncredited]: DJ Shortrock)
A6 Electrobugs (Producer [Uncredited]: The Frictionals)
B7 Little Did She Know
B8 Visit The Beginning
B9 Broken Love Letter (Featuring [Uncredited]: Nobs Producer [Uncredited]: Scandls Scratches [Uncredited]: DJ Shortrock)
B10 Memories Of You, Continue In Duration
B11 Walk With Me Princess (Producer [Uncredited]: Skyrider)
B12 Yellow In The Morning, Orange During Sleepy Time


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