Kev Brown - Delve Into Classical Moog

Kev Brown
Delve Into Classical Moog

LP / US / 2018 / Redefinition Records
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Kev Brown has done his Homework and he’s back to teach us a new lesson with his Delve Into Classical Moog. Artists are often measured by not just talent, but their portfolios. Pursuing one idea after the next and absorbing inspiration from an array of sources, some of the most memorable and storied artists are also great storytellers. With over 15 years in the business, Kev Brown has consistently been at the forefront of hip hop production. His instantly recognizable yet often imitated sound is a fabled treasure that makes his legacy not only a work in progress, but a work of art. With such history, one might ask, what’s left? If you ask Kev Brown, he’ll assure you that there’s unfinished business and still untapped territory to explore. 50 plus years ago it was a similar mentality that propelled visionary Robert Moog to the peak of what we classify as electronic music. Moog’s adventurous engineering in synthesis was not just a creation to house his discoveries, but an open source universe that musicians of all ages, backgrounds and genres would develop into the infinite artistic space of today. From pop to rock to jazz to even country & western, there’s no style of music that hasn’t been graced by the Moog synthesizer. Hip hop is no stranger to this beast. Beginning in the early days of the 80’s all the way to the sounds of Dr. Dre’s G Funk to Dilla’s Detroit takeover, the Moog is well traveled. Along it’s journey, Kev Brown got acquainted with the sounds of this instrument through his own rite of passage. Who knows where the last chapter will conclude, but since Kev is far from done, he’s proud to unveil his latest experiment. Complete on colored vinyl and original artwork partially sourced from Moog waveform documents including Bob Moog’s original hand drawn schematics, experience “Kev Brown’s Delve into Classical Moog.” Intended for explorers of sound and beyond.

1. Introduction
2. Robot Jungle
3. Victorious
4. Cyberfunk
5. Old Tech
6. Frequency
7. M Go Round
8. Time
9. Computer Stuff
10. Future Classic
11. We Won

• Limited to 500 units

• Experimental instrumental explores the sounds of Classical moog converted into hip-hop form.

• Surprise follow up lp on the heels of Kev Brown’s recently released and top selling LP Homework (Aug 2018 Redefnition)

• Bold blue & black A side / B side color vinyl, packaged in glossy jackets

• Striking Moog related art with schematics and waveform illustrations embedded into the design. Also includes brief Moog related interview clips between tracks offering insights into the development of synthesizers and modern music ...“ You gone learn today

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