Kyo Itachi - Genkidama

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Kyo Itachi

3xLP / France / 2018-01-26 / Shinigamie Records
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includes triple vinyl in gatefold sleeve, manga (4 pages), stickers and poster.


A1 Samurai Sushi (Featuring: Ruste Juxx)
A2 Da Super Hero (Featuring: Shyheim)
A3 Organic (Featuring: Planet Asia)
A4 Like A Movie (Featuring: Big Twins)
A5 At It Again (Featuring: Krondon)
B1 Look In Their Eyes (Featuring: Bishop Lamont)
B2 Of Course (Featuring: Vast Aire)
B3 Trillmatic Anthem (Featuring: Conway Featuring: Reks Featuring: Ruste Juxx Featuring: Skyzoo Featuring: Termanology)
B4 Check The Repertoire (Featuring: Steele Featuring: Supreme )
B5 The Dart Board (Featuring: C-Rayz Walz)
C1 Trippin' (Featuring: Rim Da Villins)
C2 Surprize (Featuring: Illa Noyz)
C3 Stolen Base (Featuring: Chris Spencer)
C4 Colostomy Bag (Featuring: DanJah Wise Featuring: Louis Skaggs Featuring: Pressha Dinero Featuring: VVS Verbal)
C5 Vibratium Dartboards (Featuring: Clever One)
D1 Genkidama Flow (Featuring: Ali Featuring: Haile Featuring: Madman Featuring: Vizar Rancarr)
D2 Carnage (Kaio Remix) (Featuring: Milez Grimez)
D3 Proof (Featuring: Ran Reed Featuring: The Innocent)
D4 Rosary Beads (Featuring: Beretta 9 Featuring: Block McCloud Featuring: Poison Pen Featuring: Realio Sparkzwell)
E1 Big Bang (Featuring: Ali Featuring: Haile Featuring: Ill Conscious Featuring: Mooch Featuring: Phil Blount Featuring: Recognyze All Featuring: Rigz Featuring: Sage Infinite Featuring: Twistello)
E2 Should Be Know (Featuring: Committee Sounds, The)
E3 Bring That Back (Featuring: S.I.T.H.)
E4 Red Ribbon Flow (Featuring: M3 The M3chanic)
E5 Ain't No Question (Featuring: FKB$)
F1 O' Dojo (Featuring: Squeegie Oblong)
F2 Killah Man Jaro (Featuring: Ali Featuring: El Ay Featuring: Haile Featuring: Top Notch)
F3 Knuckles Game (Remix) (Featuring: One Click Bang)
F4 Geo-Wide (Featuring: DJ End K Featuring: Venomous2000)
F5 Outro