Little Simz - Stillness In Wonderland

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Little Simz
Stillness In Wonderland

2xLP / UK / 2017-11-14 / Age 101 Music
Zustand: Neu

Artikelnummer: 239223

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Includes download code for the deluxe version of the album, including 'Good For What' as a bonus track (which is not included on the vinyl).


A1 LMPD (Featuring: Chronixx) 4:03
A2 Chesire's Interlude: Welcome To Wonderland 1:02
A3 Doorways + Trust Issues 4:13
A4 Her (Interlude) 1:57
A5 One In Rotation + Wide Awake (Featuring: SiR (12)) 3:55
A6 Shotgun (Featuring: Syd) 3:08
B1 Picture Perfect 3:03
B2 Chesire's Interlude: Misled 0:44
B3 King Of Hearts (Featuring: Chip (9) Featuring: Ghetts) 3:32
B4 Bad To The Bone (Featuring: Bibi Bourelly) 3:15
B5 Zone 3 (Featuring: Chuck20 Featuring: Josh Arcé Featuring: Tilla (4)) 3:42
B6 Poison Ivy (Featuring: Tilla (4)) 3:29
C1 Chesire's Interlude: Stay 0:41
C2 Low Tides 4:00
C3 No More Wonderland 3:37
C4 Our Conversations (Featuring: BadBadNotGood) 6:03
C5 Backseat 3:31
D1 Out Of Sight (YHYH) 4:31
D2 Morning (Featuring: Swooping Duck) 3:23
D3 Phases (Featuring: SiR (12)) 4:36
D4 Days Like This (Interlude) (Featuring: Josh Arce) 3:14
D5 Customz (Featuring: Bibi Bourelly) 4:01


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