Long Arm - Darkly

Long Arm

LP / Europe / 2018 / Project Mooncircle
Zustand: Neu

Artikelnummer: PMC168-PO

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Fascinated by the piano and with a little reluctance in regards to working on more electronic music, 'Darkly' by Long Armwas originally started in 2015. Although it took him a while to get accustomed again to playing only the piano, at some point he had some raw and unfinished work. Around the same time he also got back into more electronic musical experiments, including different textures and multilayerdness. While simultaneously working on soundtracks for NOIR films, he was able to finish two compositions that would later help determine the direction of the new album and served to bridge the early solo piano compositions and the later electronic tracks. At the start of 2018 he was finally able to get back to his solo piano compositions and adding those missing elements that he could not hear three years earlier.

"I wanted to do a piano album, but instead this album organically formed by itself and became a reflection of my experiences, worries, and life events that occurred during these years.
I dedicate this work to a human, which I share this life with, who supports me and believes in me like nobody else! I dedicate it to my wife."
- Georgy Kotunov

'Darkly'comes out worldwide on limited double grey vinyl (including download code)& digital.


1 Prologue [clip]
2 For All People With Broken Hearts [clip]
3 I Walk, I Fly [clip]
4 Air [clip]
5 I Can't Wait [clip]
6 Sleepy Bird [clip]
7 Utopia [clip]
8 Lullaby [clip]
9 The Light [clip]
10 Flight Through Thunderclouds [clip]
11 Kurami's Georgia [clip]
12 Something [clip]
13 Darkly [clip]
14 Prince [clip]