Lord Finesse – The Art Of Diggin`: Blue Note State Of Mind

Lord Finesse
The Art Of Diggin`: Blue Note State Of Mind

CD / US / 2012 / Slice Of Spice
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The Art Of Diggin': Blue Note State Of Mind (Snippet #1) by Slice-of-Spice

This is the 2nd installment of The Art Of Diggin' Mix-CD series. In 1999 a series of collectable CDs was released called Diggin’ On Blue, which included me, Biz Markie, and Pete Rock. That CD is now a rare find and if you come across it, you'll have to pay a nice penny!

With that being said and a demand for the CD, I decided to revisit the Blue Note archive. While the majority enjoyed Diggin’ On Blue, some complained there was too much talking on the CD. This time around, like a classic motto for radio stations: "There's more music & less talking". The Blue Note State Of Mind mix features grooves, samples, and vintage classics from the Blue Note archive. If you enjoyed Diggin’ On Blue, this one should take you over the top, with over 70 minutes of jazz gems.

This mix is for music lovers, collectors, obscure diggers, jazz lovers and fans of sampling. This is a compiled collective of the Blue Note catalogue.

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