LTTL - Watercolor

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LP / US / 2021-10-22 / Cold Busted
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Watercolor is LTTL’s fantastic debut album, released by Los Angeles’s iconic Cold Busted label. The western NY-state beat-maker was trained as a live drummer, but, thanks to a sonic encounter with the sound of MF Doom, emerged as an instrumental hip-hop enthusiast. LTTL’s musical palette is composed of phat and precise rhythms mixed with what he calls “psychedelic elevator music.” Watercolor’s 17 tracks display his technique, resulting in tight, laid-back vibes that groove for days.

LTTL’s obsession with colors and the natural world is revealed in the hue-named song titles. “Vermillion Hue” opens Watercolor, ringing electric piano and crisp, classy drums leading into a strange sax-like melody. “Lemon Yellow” is next, sounding like the on-hold music for the chillest of skate shops. Other highlights include the dramatic pulse of “Sky Blue,” the bird songs, jazzy guitar, and boom-bap beat of “Ultramarine,” and the strange melodic pads and growling bass of “Sap Green.”

With Watercolor, LTTL has carved out his path among a world of downtempo beat producers. The future is bright as he continues to paint his masterpieces with sound.


A1 Sierra
A2 Cobalt Blue Hue
A3 Viridian Hue
A4 Vermillion Hue
A5 Crimson Lake
A6 Permanent Yellow Deep
B1 Yellow Ochre
B2 Sap Green
B3 Lemon Yellow
B4 Ultramarine
B5 Cerulean Blue Hue
B6 Emerald Green Hue
B7 Red Ochre

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