M.W.P. - New Horizon

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New Horizon

LP / Denmark / 2015-12-24 / Goodwill Music (2)
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1A Time Is Runnin' Out (Featuring: DJ Modesty Featuring: Guilty Simpson)
2A The Bitchual (Featuring: Hus Kingpin Featuring: Ill Conscious Featuring: Smoovth)
3A Here I Am (Featuring: Jamil Honesty Featuring: Mitch L. Hennessy)
4A Late Night Serenade (Featuring: DJ Grazzhoppa Featuring: Senica Da Misfit)
5A The Genetics (Featuring: DJ Modesty Featuring: Ill Conscious)
6A Lyrical Experts (Featuring: Craig G Featuring: DJ Grazzhoppa Featuring: Ill Conscious Featuring: Meyhem)
7A Monarchs (Featuring: DJ Grazzhoppa Featuring: Guilty Simpson Featuring: Ill Conscious Featuring: Reks)
1B The Twilight Zone (Featuring: Ill Conscious Featuring: Raf Almighty Featuring: Shabaam Sahdeeq)
2B Blood Diamonds (Featuring: Oh No Featuring: Smoovth)
3B The Charm (Featuring: Mitch L. Hennessy Featuring: Slum Pritt)
4B Don't Try To Front (Featuring: DJ Grazzhoppa Featuring: Ill Conscious Featuring: Skyzoo Featuring: Smoovth)
5B Oddities (Featuring: DJ Grazzhoppa Featuring: Don Streat Featuring: Senica Da Misfit)
6B New Horizon (Featuring: Blaq Poet Featuring: DJ Modesty)


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