Madlib - 420 Chalice All-Stars

420 Chalice All-Stars

LP / US / 2021 / Madlib Invazion
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420 Chalice All-Stars, aka Son of Super Ape,' is all Jamaican sounds – over 79 minutes of dub, reggae, roots. This will be released on 4/20, a date which has significance known to weed-heads worldwide.


A1 What Are The Medical Benefits Of Smoking Marijuana? 10:42
A2 What Are The Negative Risks Of Smoking It? 6:08
B1 What Alternatives Are There To Smokings? 6:36
B2 Are A Lot Of Pesticides On Pot? 7:20
B3 Where Is All This Pot Coming From? 7:28
C1 So What Does The Law Say About These Dispensaries And Their Various Pot Products? 9:53
C2 How Much Pot Am I Allowed To Have At One Time? 9:37
D1 How Do I Get A Prescription? 11:10
D2 Will My Name End Up On Some DEA List? 10:58


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