Madness - Absolutely


LP / UK / 2013-06-17 / Let Them Eat Vinyl
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black vinyl version


A1 Baggy Trousers (Written-By: Foreman Written-By: McPherson) 2:45
A2 Embarrassment (Written-By: Thompson Written-By: Barson) 3:13
A3 E.R.N.I.E. (Written-By: Foreman Written-By: McPherson) 2:08
A4 Close Escape (Written-By: Foreman Written-By: Thompson) 3:29
A5 Not Home Today (Written-By: McPherson Written-By: Barson) 2:30
A6 On The Beat Pete (Written-By: Thompson Written-By: Madness) 3:05
A7 Solid Gone (Written-By: Smash) 2:22
B1 Take It Or Leave It (Written-By: Thompson Written-By: Barson) 3:26
B2 Shadow Of Fear (Written-By: McPherson Written-By: Barson) 1:58
B3 Disappear (Written-By: McPherson Written-By: Bedford) 2:58
B4 Overdone (Written-By: Foreman Written-By: Thompson) 3:45
B5 In The Rain (Written-By: Mc Pherson Written-By: Madness) 2:42
B6 You Said (Written-By: McPherson Written-By: Barson) 2:35
B7 Return Of Los Palmas 7 (Written-By: Woodgate Written-By: Bedford Written-By: Barson) 1:57


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