MF Grimm - American Hunger: Rebirth

MF Grimm
American Hunger: Rebirth

3x7" / US / 2017 / Vendetta Vinyl
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Strictly limited edition 3x7inch album including instrumentals! Award-winning writer and legendary emcee MF GRIMM returns to the music industry with “American Hunger: Rebirth”. Epic in scope, the album is a timely commentary on our society and politically reverent in its exploration of the American dream. Grimm assembles an all-star cast of producers for the project. Drasar Monumental, Architect and DJ FDRZ each brings their prolific sensibilities to the collaboration by creating organic and original sounds. The 12-track release displays Grimm’s depth as a modern-day J.D. Salinger, illustrating how America historically eats Its own through political, social and often economic injustices. From “A Mother’s Heart” to “The Path,” every track gives insight into Grimm’s outlook on society and the things he holds dear. The album is an instant classic like its predecessor, and it’s now more relevant than ever due to the current political climate. Peace!!