Mytee G. Poetic - Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness

Mytee G. Poetic
Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness

2xLP / Europe / 2018 / Gentleman's Relief Records
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Straight from the streets of New Jersey, Mytee G Poetic dropped 3 of the nicest independent 12"s of the mid-90s. Tracks like 'Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness' and 'Listen to the Lyrics' showcased a formidable combination of lyrical prowess and classic head-nodding production. GRR is proud to present the long-awaited 'Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness' album - featuring the 5 tracks from Mytee's hard-to-obtain singles, plus 10 amazing unreleased tracks (mostly from '93-'95) sourced straight from DAT! This is an essential release for all 90s hip hop heads. The release comes on 2LP black vinyl housed in a picture cover, limited to 300 copies.

Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness
For the World
The Radio
Brick City Blue'z
Listen to the Lyrics
Mello Drama
Poetically Incline
Rap Trilogy
Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness (Street Mix)
Part of the Game
Poetically Incline (Raga Mix)
Ghetto Journalism
Discovery Zone
Machine Gun Rap


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