Nick Wiz - Cellar Instrumentals

Nick Wiz
Cellar Instrumentals

2xLP / Australia / 2019 / Gentleman's Relief Records
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Artikelnummer: 243545

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22 long years since his last instrumental vinyl release (as part of the infamous Hydra Beats series), Nick Wiz beats return to wax in a major way. Cellar Instrumentals features 24 timeless productions, including instrumental versions of classic 90s material by the likes of Ran Reed, Pudgee, Rakim and Shadowz In Da Dark, plus tracks that were never recorded on back then. All on vinyl for the first time! The 2LP on black vinyl comes in a full picture cover and is limited to 250 copies.

1. Parkside Madness
2. Xylophone
3. Darkside
4. Comin' Thru
5. The Melody
6. Hey Man
7. Ran's Verse
8. Show Me Love
9. Still Low
10. The Mind
11. Frontline
12. Ride Out
13. Contact
14. Sho Ya Right
15. King of NY
16. Hermano
17. Fall Back
18. The Presentation
19. Untitled
20. My Skills
21. Equilibrium
22. Truth Hurts
23. On the Regular (Remix)
24. The Definition

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