Pitch & Scratch (DJ Suro & Mzuzu) - Hamburg Hustle

Pitch & Scratch (DJ Suro & Mzuzu)
Hamburg Hustle

CD / Germany / 2009 / Legere
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„Pitch & Scratch mix up the funky analogue with digital dopeness to lift Hamburg's old funk tradition to a new bloom.

Multi instrumentalist DJ Mzuzu was a funkateer from the start, while DJ Suro found his love for funk in the crates he is digging since the 90s to spice up his DJ sets and feed his sampler.

The live funk project Superbad, which still leaves the footprints of the late James Brown on the dancefloors in northern Germany, marks the first fruitful collaboration of the two funkheads. Deeply rooted in the hanseatic funk tradition, the two musicians have spent 3 years in the studio to make the next generation of funk heads feel the groove.

‚Hamburg Hustle' shakes the listener with 11 heavy funk workouts across Hamburg's funk landscape, blending live instruments and well dug samples to create an organic sound. The Pitch & Scratch funk of the new millennium celebrates the groove of the legendary Emu SP 12, shines through feisty horn arrangements and even lends some groovy notes from an old cello. They take any means neccessary when it comes to movements on the dancefloor.

Take off your glasses, tie your shoes: It's a party!“

A1. Pitch & Scratch Theme
A2. Everybody Move
A3. Last Exit Funk
A4. Contradisco
A5. Hamburg Funk

B1. Superbad!
B2. Please Stand Up
B3. Mzuzu Walk
B4. I Can Do It
B5. Rane & Shine
B6. Shaft In Barmbek

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