R.Wan - La Gouache

La Gouache

LP / Europe / 2020 / Mentalow Music
Zustand: Neu

Artikelnummer: POUPA002LP-PO

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20 years a)er the release of Hawaï, the classic album by french band Java, the singer Erwan Séguillon aka R.Wan, considered by most as the rap-chanson godfather is finally back! With rigorous wri?ng skills, a nonchalant humor and a crystal clear flow, Erwan Séguillon is opera?ng a return back to his roots while rallying his faithful audience. Sound-system operator in the 90’s, the jack-of-all-trades singer has never stopped since two decades. Playing all around the world with his band Java, he founded Radio Cortex (a pirate radio that features music and theater) and collaborated with Jamaican icon Winston McAnuff. In 2012, he signed with Wagram the elegant Peau Rouge and founded with Toma Feterman the band Soviet Suprem that gained huge popularity with their incandescent militaro-punk themed balkan-beat. In 2020, he delivers a lush, organic and open- minded album deeply rooted in the Parisian pavement, ?tled La Gouache. Alongside sound engineer Jean Lamoot (Rachid Taha, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Babylon Circus), the singer signs a relentless sa?re of the contemporary world. The piece of art of an ar?st in full command of his capaci?es, rushing the ambient conformity and scratching the surface of a slick world. On this singular record, irony and escape are the fuel of a poe?c uprising.

1. Padrino Du Rap Musette
2. Contrepitre
3. La Gouache
4. Des Humains (Featuring Salif Keïta)
5. Asticot
6. Le Plus Vieux Métier Du Monde
7. Coule Cool
8. #Tagueule
9. Nos Mille Et Une Nuits
10. Les Quatre Accords Toltèques
11. Printemps Merveilleux
12. Ukulélé
13. Le Crs Mélomane

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