Scotty Hard - The Science Of Sesh - From Iceland To Africa

Scotty Hard
The Science Of Sesh - From Iceland To Africa

LP / US / 2017
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“The Science of Sesh – From Iceland to Africa” is a retrospective compilation of Scotty Hard production and remix work from more than the past 20 years (1993 to 2016). The album features rare and unreleased collaborations with the likes of Antipop Consortium, New Kingdom, Lady Bug Mecca, Emily Wells, Rubble Kings, Metabolics, Mauritsstadt Dub, Stan Douglas (Suspiria) and Medeski. Original artwork was created by Kidacne. Scotty's two closest Brazilian friends and musical collaborators were the impetuous for this release, who wanted to release a limited-edition vinyl album of some of Scotty's unreleased and "under released" tracks that showcased his beat making and remixing achievements, which have been too often overlooked and overwhelmed by his production and mixing output. Scotty send a bunch of tracks, which came up a ten song album that not only traces almost 25 years of music making in New York and around the world, but somehow became a cohesive statement of an artist continually growing & creating. The Wire magazine called it “a thrilling collection of timelessly mindbending music.” Who is Charles Scott Harding aka Scotty Hard? First of all, Scotty Hard is a musician, producer, beatmaker, sound engineer and sound scientist, who left his footprint on early 90’s New York hip hop. In Vancouver in the 80’s during the burgeoning alternative scene Scotty was playing guitar in a bunch of bands and writing music. His passion for recording and hip hop led him to New York City at the end of the 1980’s where he landed right in the epicentre of hip hop production at Calliope Studios and Chung King House of Metal. It was here he worked with a roll-call of hip hop’s seminal artists including Ultramagnetic MC’s, De la Soul, The Jungle Brothers, Gangstarr, Brand Nubian, Black Sheep, DJ Mark the 45 King, The Stereo MC’s, PM Dawn and many more. After working on ‘Supernatural’ with The Stereo MC’s, he introduced the fledgling young group New Kingdom to Gee St Records, and for the first time shifted from a focus on engineering to production. He produced, wrote and performed with New Kingdom on two albums over 4 years. From there Scotty went on to produce for downtown avant jazzers Medeski, Martin and Wood and Sex Mob, and Japanese space punks Ultra Bidé. He produced for artists Stan Douglas and Matthew Barney and the indefinable Brazilian “Mange Beat” rockers Nação Zumbi. During this time Scotty was making beats and doing remixes for a profusion of international musicians from Qwaali artist Badar Ali Khan, Anti Pop Consortium and Talking Heads’ David Byrne. In February of 2008, Scotty was involved in a life changing car accident which left him paralyzed from the shoulders down. He was in the hospital for over six months and was released from the second facility in September of 2008. It was only 2 months after this he was mixing at The Brooklyn Academy of Music Opera House for some of his dear friends from Brazil doing the Red Hot and Rio shows with such Brazilian icons as João Parahyba, Bebel Gilberto, Céu, Moreno Veloso under the direction of old friend Kassin and Mario Caldato. He continues to record and mix in his studio and has done a number of records for a wide variety of artists, from Emily Wells to underground rapper Ka, Steven Bernstein's Wicked Knee to English stoner rockers Hag to Brookzill, a new hip hop supergroup with longtime collaborators Prince Paul, Rodrigo Brandão and Ladybug Mecca. Scotty also teaches students at his studio in Brooklyn to utilize and integrate non-digital techniques, instruments and practices into their music. It’s no surprise that this new album has a lot of Scotty and little bit of everyone he ever worked with in it. Many of these tracks have never been released and some that were have slipped through the cracks over the last 20 years of his career.