Sean Price - Songs In The Key Of Price

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Sean Price
Songs In The Key Of Price

2xLP / US / 2016-02-00 / Ruck Down Records
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A1 Intro 0:28
A2 Figure More (Featuring: Illa Ghee) 2:18
A3 S.E.A.N. 1:53
A4 Hot Breath 1:23
A5 Brazil 1:18
A6 Top Tier 1:41
A7 Garbanzo Beans 1:31
A8 Give Em Hell (Featuring: Illa Ghee) 3:02
B1 Psycho Killa 1:30
B2 D.L.F (Featuring: Foul Monday Featuring: Rim (6) Featuring: Royal Flush) 3:10
B3 Bobby McBarz (Featuring: Ike Eyes) 2:39
B4 Breeze 1:22
B5 Orange Box Cutter 1:28
B6 Fei Long 2:22
B7 Go Rambo (Featuring: Head I.C.E. Featuring: Illa Ghee) 3:29
C1 RNS 1:15
C2 Planet Apes 1:44
C3 Metal Beard (Featuring: Vic Spencer) 2:36
C4 Barbituates (Featuring: Illa Ghee Featuring: Labba Featuring: Rim (6)) 4:34
C5 Dave Winfield (Featuring: Illa Ghee) 2:21
C6 Kurt Rambis 1:27
C7 Sean Shank Redemption (Featuring: Starvin B) 3:20
C8 Infinity Gauntlet (Featuring: Starvin B) 1:34
D1 Ni**erific 1:14
D2 #4 No Reason 1:49
D3 Elmer Fudd (Featuring: Foul Monday Featuring: Starvin B) 2:05
D4 Enigma (Featuring: Illa Ghee) 2:24
D5 Magic (Featuring: Foul Monday Featuring: Royal Flush) 2:15
D6 Soul Perfect (Featuring: Illa Ghee) 3:02
D7 El Raheim (Featuring: Rim) 2:11


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