Skyzoo - Theo vs. JJ (Dream vs. Reality)

Theo vs. JJ (Dream vs. Reality)

LP / Europe / 2019
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In Skyzoo's Words: "With this project, I wanted it to be a bridge between "The Great Debater" and "A Dream Deferred". This mixtape literally picks up where "The Great Debater" left off and leads you directly into "A Dream Deferred". The tape is split into 2 parts, Theo Huxtable and JJ Evans. The first half of the tape has me rhyming as if I were Theo, with the world from his point of view. Being well off, having to live up to a family's expectations due to their success, etc. The second half is from JJ's view, with the sound being slightly more aggressive and the stories built with an "in need of something" attitude. The tape is the idea of the vast contrasts of a life that my people and I dreamed of and aspired to as kids (Theo) versus a life that was more of our reality (J.J). This one is for US. Enjoy"

Look What We Have Here (Prod. By Hasan Insane)
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The Ellis Wilson Painting On The Wall (Prod. By 14KT)
Be Well (Prod. By Praise)
Henny Black (Prod. By !llmind & Tha S Ence)
Know That Cash Rules (Feat. Torae) (Prod. By Mell & D.)
#FGR: First Generation Rich (Prod. By Jahlil Beats)
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