DJ Spice 23 - Funk Whut'cha Heard

DJ Spice 23
Funk Whut'cha Heard

Tape / Germany / 2019
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In early 2018 DJ Spice 23 asked his followers in his Instagram story what sort of mixtape to release next.

The massive yelled for Funk and Soul so “Funk Whut'cha Heard” comes droppin' right here.

The willing listeners may find everything from classical (James Brown, The Meters) to new stuff (Osaka Monorail, Minimatic), from soulful voices (Four Tops, The Supremes) to brass-heavy instrumental music (Black Heat, The Everyday People), from Sister Funk (Lyn Collins, Vicky Anderson) to African and Latin American (Ray Barretto, Jorge Ben) and even discoid tunes to fulfil their pleasures.

Everthing's 100% guaranteed danceable!

Limited hand-numbered edition of 100.

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