Trends of Culture - When Trend Men Come'

Trends of Culture
When Trend Men Come'

2xLP / Europe / 2019 / Gentleman's Relief Records
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Originally scheduled for release in 1995, the lost 2nd album from Trends of Culture 'When Trend Men Come' has finally arrived courtesy of GRR/Heavy Jewelz and is a must-have for 90s rap fanatics. Featuring the original 11 track album (remastered from the impossible-to-obtain promo tape and sounding great) PLUS 3 bonus demo tracks from the same era (the demos are pretty rough but have been restored as best as possible). The 2LP release comes on black vinyl in a full picture cover, limited to 300 copies.

1. Trends Anthem
2. Make A Move
3. What I'm Feeling
4. Always and Forever
5. Lavish Lifestyle
6. Who Got My Back (Remix)
7. On & On
8. Spread It All Over
9. Swinger Man
10. Other Man Lover Man
11. New Habits
12. Gunshot (Bonus Demo)
13. M.P.F. (The Game) (Bonus Demo)
14. Real MC (Bonus Demo)